Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Miley Cyrus Nose Job Before and After Photos | Miley Cyrus Rhinoplasty

Miley Cyrus Got a Nose Job

Whilst digging through recent paparazzi photos of Miley Cyrus, I couldn’t help but notice something peculiar about Miley Cyrus’s nose. It looks like the standard issue “perfect” nose that they teach in Rhinoplasty 101 (at Dr. Hacks Plastic Surgery College)! So I found some old picture of Miley and yes, of course, she has had a nose job!

Miley’s new nose is much more defined and has been thinned through the bridge and the tip, but I don’t think it really fits her face anymore. Especially her profile!

Miley Cyrus has a prominent chin and lips and her new little nose looks out place. Like someone stuck a “one-size-fits-all” doll nose onto her face, which distracts from her once unique look. It’s also pretty disturbing that her parents let her get a nose job when she was so young.

Ever since Miley Cyrus attended the CNN Heroes 2013 ceremony in December, fans and journalists alike began to wonder about the originality of Miley’s breasts. Such was the frenzy that Star magazine consulted 3 independent cosmetic surgery experts for their opinion.

Dr. Tahl Humes of Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Colorado stated: "Her breasts are very nice and round and it looks like she has had them done,"

"Whoever did them did a very good job. She might have had small implants, which is nice, because she is a small girl with a small frame."

In spite of Miley’s age there are accusations that she’s undergone numerous cosmetic procedures, which implies parental consent for the procedures.

Miley Cyrus has had plastic surgery, but there’s not a lot of evidence that officially confirms that she has.

According to the speculators who are examining Miley’s face and general look, her nose and her smile have changed rather too suddenly to account for natural changes from growing up.

And while "nose jobs", or rhinoplasty as the procedure is officially known, are fairly common in Hollywood cosmetic dentistry is something that throws a lot of folks for a loop.

Sometimes, and especially if your income and career depends on your being presentable in front of a camera, what you really need to do is make sure that your smile looks as good as it possibly can.

It appears as if Miley Cyrus could have gotten herself a nose job, as her nose has been slimmed down so that some fans say it looks like it’s a little out of place on her face.

In addition to people who think Miley has gotten a rhinoplasty there is some talk about cosmetic dentistry.

The procedure is called a gingivectomy, and what it does is reduce the amount of gum that you show when you smile.

If you compare Miley’s younger pictures to newer ones, the wide, very revealing grins have been replaced by equally toothy, though less gummy, smiles.

On the other hand, there are cosmetic surgery experts who disagree with the speculation that Miley has had a rhinoplasty and claim that they don't observe a significant change on her nose, while sometimes they admit it looks more defined than other. The reason for that? It could be the result of weight loss, normal growth or make up. Just in case she has had a nose job , it was not very aggressive.

However, Miley took to Twitter to deny the "funny rumors." "Thanks for the compliment," she tweeted about the plastic surgeons who claim her chest seems amped up. "But these babies are all mine. I wish they'd realize that you don't have to be fake to be beautiful." Miley adds, "And I'm 19!!!

Did Miley Cyrus Get a Nose Job?

Whether or not you like her, Miley Cyrus is undeniably amongst the biggest stars in Hollywood. Which also means that Makemeheal.com has been watching her for plastic surgery for some time now. Now it seems that we were right and Miley has had a nose job.

17-year old Miley Cyrus certainly knows how to turn heads. Whether it’s a photo shoot with her dad or a half-nude Twitter pic, Miley is familiar with a camera. A new comparison of old shots of Miley with new ones reveals more than just a child star growing up, it also seems to reveal a rhinoplasty.

Miley Cyrus, Plastic Surgery

In the past, We has noticed that Miley Cyrus has a rather wide nose and round tip. We suspected that she may decide to go under the knife, like other young stars and have plastic surgery to help narrow her nose (See Make Me Heal’s story on Miley Cyrus’ plastic surgery).

Now it seems that we were correct and Miley Cyrus has indeed had a nose job, which narrowed her nose, making it more grown up and gotten rid of the overly round tip. Miley’s new nose is much more sophisticated and fits better with new image.

On the other hand, the difference in Miley’s nose could be a result of growing up, as well as photography.