Saturday, February 2, 2013

Camilla Belle Nose Job Before and After | Camilla Belle Rhinoplasty

Camilla Belle is a very beautiful young actress, many people think that she maybe got a nose job (rhinoplasty) although the change is subtle on her face in general.

A rhinoplasty is an option, now that she is older her nose looks better defined but not so much smaller, her face in general have lost some "baby fat" and that could also explain the difference.
We don't think that she got any other plastic surgery procedure, yet, no breast implants for the moment, but knowing how Hollywood goes sometimes, that is still a strong option on her case.

Did Actress Camilla Belle Get a Nose Job?

Young actress Camilla Belle may be most recognizable for her heavy dark eyebrows, but We is more interested in the possible nose job the brunette beauty may have had to achieve star status.

At 23-years old, Camilla has achieved a lot, becoming an in demand actress and dating a Jonas brother. But has she also had a rhinoplasty to help her rise to fame?

In addition to thinning her eyebrows as she ages, it also looks as though Camilla’s nose may have thinned out a bit too. However, it could be a result of clever makeup application, rather than plastic surgery.

Did Camilla Belle Had a Nose Job ? Yes !!! Or No !!! Do You See The Difference ? Or Not !!