Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ryan Gosling Nose Job Before and After | Ryan Gosling Rhinoplasty

Ryan Gosling has made a bold decision to get rid of his hooked nose.

But it looks like things couldn’t be better for Gosling, and rhinoplasty is going to open up the new career horizons for him. Now after the nose job, with his nose tip elevated and hump removed the actor has turned into a classical Hollywood hot guy !

Did you know that a hooked long nose will always make you look older? Normally, the tip of the nose tends to droop with time, like everything else on the face, so a droopy tip is associated with an older face.

In that case rhinoplasty can serve a rejuvenating plastic surgery. Raising the droopy nasal tip will immediately make you look younger. You shouldn't overdo it though... Ideally, the angle between the upper lip and the nose (the nasolabial angle) should be between 90-105 degrees in women, and between 90-95 degrees in men.

Did Ryan Gosling Get a Nose Job?
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Ryan Gosling has quickly positioned himself as a leading man in Hollywood as of late, and it is no doubt due to his fabulous looks as well as his talent. But this incredible looking man may not have been born with that chiseled profile, from the looks of these before and after pictures he had a nose job early on in his career. The rhinoplasty procedure he had was expertly done, resulting in less of a hooked nose giving him a younger more youthful appearance.