Friday, January 4, 2013

Nicole Kidman Nose Job Before and After | Nicole Kidman Rhinoplasty

I know very well that all stars / celebrities have plastic / cosmetic surgeries...I want to know if you noticed the same thing I noticed. I watched Nicole Kidman biography on the BIOGRAPHY channel.
As you know, they did a chronological tour of her accomplishements and showed pictures / snapshots of her acting. What struck me is how her nose changed since she first started acting.
Have you noticed the same thing? What do you think of her new nose? Do you think she would have been as successful if she would have kept her old nose? By the way, she wored a prosthetic nose when she played Virginia Wolf.

I wonder if she had other body parts modified. Please be respectful, this question is serious and it is meaningul to me that each one of you tell me what you think. Thank you for taking some of your precious time to answer my question.

Alas, for those who wish to model their own noses on Nicole's, the first thing a good plastic surgeon will explain is that the patient has to have realistic expectations. Although cosmetic surgery requests modelled on celebrities are not uncommon, anyone considering rhinoplasty will have to think about what kind of shape would suit their own face, not to mention their bank balance.