Monday, January 7, 2013

Kate Beckinsale Nose Job Before and After Photos

She made some revellations though, such as:

"Everybody is retouched, stretched, lengthened, slimmed and trimmed. I could look at a picture of myself from the past and think, 'Why don't I look like that now?' It's because I never have!"

"I'm so fascinated by breasts because my mother didn't have them either. If I had them, I'd run up and down flights of stairs!"

Kate Beckinsale is rumored to have had Cosmetic Dentistry although she has denied (again!) the rumors saying she has had Breast Implants.(!)

Early pictures of Kate though reveal a rather mousy looking person, not at all a big-screen favorite. Since then, Kate has had her teeth straightened and whitened. Her face has also filled out, either due to rumored chin and cheek implants or fat grafting, which is the latest way to look fresh and young in a world obsessed with youth.

Kate Beckinsale seemingly has had rhinoplasty, gum reduction, veneers, and a good brow plucking since her 1998 sashay down the red carpet at the ‘Broken Palace’ premiere.  Her surgery is a success because it brought out her features and made her look like more of a leading lady.

Beckinsale admitted that she was not a fan of plastic surgery in 2006, when she was asked about it by a Sunday Express reporter. She said:

“I’m against it. If I were 45 I might think about having my eyelids done. Although the result is unnatural. My eyes are fine as they are: their slightly almond shape is a legacy of my Burmese great-grandfather”.

Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery For Nose Job

Kate Beckinsale had one of the subtlest nose jobs in Hollywood.  The plastic surgery lifted the tip of her nose ever so slightly.  She literally changed nothing about the width of the bridge or volume of the tip of her nose.  Only the tip was lifted about 5 millimeters. Notice the how the tip is on a level plane after the plastic surgery.  Before it's facing downward a bit.