Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hayden Panettiere Nose Job Before and After | Hayden Panettiere Rhinoplasty

Oh no, look at Hayden's nose
Hayden Panettiere plays the cheerleader on the tv show, Heroes. A recent email from a reader mentioned that her nose looks somehow different. I agree, it does. The tip of her nose looks slimmer and shaved down.
Does it work? No, it just looks and seems unnecessary. It makes her look older overnight. Why would anyone want to take away their babyfaced looks in ageist Hollywood.

Hayden Panettiere Nose Job
When Hayden Panettiere first popped on screens in the film “Remember the Titans”, people said, “that’s a cute kid, she’s going to grow up and be a beautiful woman someday”. When she reappeared years later on the TV show Heroes, people said “that’s a cute kid, don’t you think she really should’ve grown up by now?” Problem was, she had already grown up. Her lack of boobage was keeping her from looking like the grown up she should be. Well it looks like Hayden finally took care of that problem as she recently got breast augmentation surgery. With her new upper half she looks less like a 12 year old now and more like a girl who’s made it through high school. Next on the list is Hayden’s nose. We think she’s had a very minor nose job. Just enough shaved off the tip to give it a more refined and slightly less round appearance. Take a look at the before and after pictures. The changes Hayden has made are pretty subtle and I think they have only made a minor difference to Hayden’s appearance. Let’s hope she leaves it at that.