Friday, December 28, 2012

Beyonce Nose Job Before and After Photos

Evidence That Beyoncé Had Three Nose Jobs

There has been much speculation about the surgical procedures that Beyoncé has had done to her face and body. After meticulously examining photos of Beyoncé’s physical changes over the years, it can be determined with exact certainty that she has had not one, but three nose jobs.

Beyonce had a nose job early in her career.  The plastic surgery skyrocketed her singing career to what is today.  Overall, The nose job gave her a much thinner bridge. Notice how thin her nose is.  Is it too thin?  People don't seem to notice it until they see her nose up close.

Want to see evidence of Beyonce’s nose job (to be technically correct, her alleged nose job LOL). Take a look at these before and after pictures and you can draw your own conclusion…

Last I checked, there's only one way a nose tip can thin out and that is with the help of a plastic surgeon's scalpel

I think Beyonce is a beautiful, tremendously talented person, but I believe she has had rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and maybe even other plastic surgery too. And let's not forget that weave on her head